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Jack Herer, named after the late, legendary cannabis activist and author of the 1985 book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” has achieved lofty, widespread popularity among modern cannabis strains. Its flavour is said to be a combination of citrus, pine, wood, and spice. Sensi Seeds‘ creation has won nine first-place High Times Cannabis Cup awards and is a popular parent strain for new hybrids.

Growth of Jack Herer:

The strain tends to grow tall, and three of its four phenotypes produce large, rounded, dense buds that flower quickly. Flowering time is 50-70 days according to the seed bank. Its buds and dark-green leaves are often covered in sticky, sugary trichomes, and its high yields may necessitate intermediate growing skills.Sensi Seeds provides regular, non-feminized seeds.


Effects of Jack Herer:

Jack Herer often makes users feel excited but fully in control of their behaviours because it simultaneously relaxes and buzzes their mind and body. This tranquil high is effective in treating mild anxiety, depression, and stress. Users have also reported experiencing migraine relief.

Jack Herer is a true cannabis classic, beloved by both connoisseurs and modern cultivators alike. Named after the legendary cannabis activist and author, this special strain has won top honors in some of the most prestigious cannabis competitions around the world. This sativa-dominant hybrid is characterized by its intense citrus flavor, complemented by notes of pine, wood, and spice that make it truly unique. Now available exclusively on our store, Jack Herer will bring you an unmatched level of satisfaction every time you light up.

Jack Herer

This strain is the legendary cannabis strain of choice for all dedicated cannabis enthusiasts. With a tantalizing mix of citrus, pine, wood, and spice notes, this multi-award-winning strain crafted by Sensi Seeds is a must-have. Create your own unique hybrid with this renowned parent strain, or simply enjoy its distinctive flavour profile on its own – either way it’s sure to please. Get your hands on Jack Herer today and experience the one-of-a-kind flavour that has won many cannabis cups!


the legendary  strain with its unique combination of citrus, pine, wood and spice flavours. Named after the late cannabis activist, this award-winning strain from Sensi Seeds has won nine first-place High Times Cannabis Cup awards and is a popular parent strain for new hybrids. Perfect for cannabis lovers looking to experience something truly special.

This cannabis strain is an award-winning classic that has become a modern legend among cannabis lovers. Named after the late, legendary activist and author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” Jack Herer’s flavour profile is a tantalising blend of citrus, pine, wood, and spice. Crafted by Sensi Seeds, this remarkable strain has won nine first-place High Times Cannabis Cup awards and remains a popular parent for many new hybrid strains. Experience Jack Herer today and be part of an enduring legacy in cannabis culture!

Jack Herer

this strain is an iconic cannabis strain that carries the legacy of the late marijuana advocate and author, Jack Herer. This beloved Sativa-dominant hybrid exhibits a flavorful blend of citrus, pine, wood, and spice aromas. Originating from Sensi Seeds, it has won numerous awards over the years for its quality and potency. Whether you’re a veteran toker or new to cannabis use, you can appreciate Jack Herer’s smooth taste, balanced effects, and uplifting high. Try it today and discover why this timeless strain continues to capture the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts around the world.




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