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Any cannabis seed bank worth their salt must have OG Kush seeds in their inventory. She is the recipient of the “Best strain of all time” award given by the cannabis authority High Times and one of the most popular strains in France and, by extension, the entire world.

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Achat OG Kush en ligne France

Achat OG Kush en ligne France

Growth of OG kush: Achat OG Kush en ligne France

OG Kush is robust, hardy, and relatively simple to grow. She is a fantastic choice for growing indoors when there is limited room because of her bushy form. In that circumstance, SOG is highly advised. When grown outdoors, OG Kush does best in warm, Mediterranean-like settings or in a greenhouse. She may easily attain heights of 3 m and yields of 1100 g/plant in ideal growing conditions. Because of her quick flowering period, which lasts no longer than 55 days, OG Kush is also highly intriguing.


Effects of OG kush: Achat OG Kush en ligne France

Our lab testing show that OG Kush has a 24% THC content and 0.23% CBD content, which together produce an exceptionally strong buzz. She has a very strong, physically and mentally euphoric effect. While some think it’s more of a narcotic than an energising “high,” everyone agrees that it’s as potent as it is incapacitating.


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