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GSC, also known as the Girl Scout Cookies strain, was developed by Northern California’s Cookie Family around 2012. GSC is a Sativa-leaning hybrid cross of an OG Kush cutting and the breeder’s own F1 Durban Poison strain that produces a plant with multiple branches and a powerful flower.

Acheter des cookies girl scout


acheter des cookies girl scout

Growth: acheter des cookies girl scout

When grown indoors, GSC flowers between 62 and 71 days after the light cycle is switched from veg to flower. Outside, harvest will have to wait until mid-October in the Northern Hemisphere and mid-April in the Northern Hemisphere. Regardless of where GSC is grown, the plant prefers to grow tall and requires training, pruning, and full light exposure to reach its maximum yield potential.


Effects of Girl Scout Cookies: acheter des cookies girl scout

The effects of Girls Scout Cookies can bring so much variety to the table. GSC is both uplifting and relaxing, with balanced qualities that are representative of both sativa and indica strains, sending consumers into a blend of euphoric full-body high and a heady, cerebral, and thought-provoking mood.


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