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Literally thousands of marijuana strains have been found, bred, and smoked over the years. There’s a good chance that White Widow is the only strain with the same legendary status. This strain’s ancestry is still unknown today.

Growth of White widow:

White Widow marijuana strain Offers Profitable Yields And Controllable Growth

Inside, the feminised White Widow reaches a height of 1 m, while outside, it can grow as high as 2 m. It can be cultivated in cooler climates like France, the UK, and the Netherlands, but it need a lot of light. Under a 600W light, it may produce 450–500g/m2 when grown indoors. Growers can get between 550 and 600g of fruit per plant outside. This cultivar still produces outstanding results in northern European climes, albeit it will do better in warm climates.

After 8–10 weeks, White Widow marijuana strain has finished flowering and needs little upkeep. This is the ideal plant for novice gardeners.


Effects of White widow:

White Widow marijuana strain offers users a strong, almost psychedelic high that is comparable to that of the best sativa-dominant plants. Smokers will experience a cerebral wave as a result in their heads. It has a clean, piney flavour with a tinge of citrus on the exhale, making for a pleasant and energising smoke.

White Widow is a great smoke during hectic days and creative undertakings because of these effects. Her energising high inspires enough zeal and drive to keep you working on your creative project for a lot longer than normal.



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