Acheter cannabis Cheese france


The Cheese strain is said to be a phenotype of Skunk #1, a strain developed by Sam “The Skunkman” and brought to the Netherlands from California. From there, the Indica-dominant Cheese was developed and popularised in the late 1980s in the United Kingdom. The clone-only female was given the name “Cheese” to represent its strong, cheddar-like flavour and aroma, and several underground UK breeders are said to have crossed it with Indica strains for the proliferation of Cheese seeds.

Acheter cannabis Cheese france

Growth of Cheese: Acheter cannabis Cheese france

Cheese is said to grow tall and produce high yields over a 56-70 day flowering period. Cheese is a strain that is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors and is resistant to mould, mildew, and pests. At the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup, Big Buddha Seeds’ Cheese strain, which was crossed with a pure-bred Afghani strain, took first place in the Indica category.


Effects of Cheese: Acheter cannabis Cheese france

It is well-known for providing a calming, uplifting, and creative high. The initial headstrong buzz is euphoric and positive. However, once it takes effect, a strong relaxing body high with calming and pain-relieving effects follows. This is a fun, morphing, and relaxing ride.


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