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You may get Critical Kush seeds directly from Kush France if you’re eager to attempt and grow this intriguing hybrid for yourself. This cross truly distinguishes itself from other kush cross strains. It will have a potent, pleasing effect, but it won’t make you want to lounge around all afternoon.

Acheter Critical Kush en France

Acheter Critical Kush en France


Critical Kush’s Growth: Acheter Critical Kush en France

This Critical is an indica-dominant strain that grows to a medium height, making it perfect for growing in slightly constrained environments. On average, it gives a yield of 500–550 grams per square metre, which is outstanding for its size. This yield is mostly a result of the plant’s high flowering rate, which results in more buds being produced. It is also a fantastically rapid hybrid, allowing for quick turnaround, flowering in about 55 to 60 days.

Effects of Critical Kush: Acheter Critical Kush en France

This nice, but not overly potent, effect is complemented by Critical Kush’s superb flavour. A strong earthy flavour with an aromatic and spicy undertone characterises the smoke. Some strains are simply too musky to be fully savoured while smoking, but this one has the perfect balance of robust flavour and subtler subtleties, allowing for a wonderfully pleasurable smoke.


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